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Detox DetoxAB Earth Flavors

Probably the best Greek olives, carefuly sourced, and organic on top of that. These olives impress with their taste qualities, we have in stock at the delis Vios Organic Kalamon Olives,VIOS Green Olives,Vios Organic Green Olives With Garlic,Vios Organic Green Olives With Pimento,Vios Organic Green Olives With Almonds and Vios Organic Green Olives With Lemon
for more info on the olives visit their website

Detox Detoxchoi time's elegant new glass tea canisters

What better way to showcase your Choi Time teas than in these elegant glass canisters. This entire selection of award winning Chinese teas is available in these glass tea canisters, and although they're delicate and elegant, they're sturdy enough to reuse. They make a beautiful addition to any kitchen counter or a lovely gift for a fellow tea lover and showcase just how pretty our teas are!

Detox DetoxWe have now in stock the delicious Toasted Gourmet Popcorn

If you're keen to see why Toasted Gourmet Popcorn is so different and what makes it gourmet, come and visit us in our delis. Enjoy

Detox DetoxNew honey and marmalades from the Island of KEA,Greece

We have just received new range of Greek mamalades and jams from the Island of KEA, delicious wild thyme honey, orange and fig marmalade and many more. All range available at Raoul's Deli Hammersmith and Maida Vale. Enjoy

Detox DetoxClwydian Vale Welsh Meats

We Have in stock the finest quality meat which includes; Welsh lamb and beef sourced from local farms and estates, and during the right time of year, seasonal venison, veal and saltmarsh lamb.
If you would like to read more about that visit our suppliers website at :

Detox DetoxTry our wide range of Smoothies and juices

We can offer wide range of smoothies and juices to help you refresh during the summer, but not just that. We stock fresh fruit and vegetables every day

Picnic HampersAmazing Chutneys From "The CARVED ANGEL"

Although known for their delicious and famous Traditional Christmas Puddings, The Carved Angel wanted to create something that could be enjoyed all year round, so they have made up these amazing Chutneys complimenting all the different meals and tastes . some of them are: GUNPOWDER, SPRITZY, SUNBURST, MOONLIGHT, BOMBAY, BLITZ, FUNKY, LUST, TANG-O, CRUSH, FEISTY, FLAME

Visit our shops to pick the right one for you !

Alphabet-In ChocolateA B C for chocolate

We now stock 'Alphabet-In Chocolate' - create your favourite words, names or phrases in delicious chocolate and then take even more pleasure in devouring the letters one by one afterwards!